Excerpt from Father Frank’s Homily from January 31st


What are we to do about these three readings for today? I think that these readings, combined together, challenge us to consider how far reaching the love of God is and to be challenged by the message to persevere in our practice of Christian love. The human person comes in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and tongues. All of us, however, are made in God’s image and likeness. God knew us even before we were formed in our mother’s womb. And this has profound pro-life implications, by the way, and a biblical warrant for the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception. In the reading from Jeremiah today, God encourages those who suffer from injustices to be not crushed. Do not allow yourself to be crushed. I will deliver you says the Lord. Persevere in faith, hope, and love, no matter what happens, even after everything else in life is taken away. In the Gospel reading we are reminded that Jesus’ offer of salvation reaches around the world and back again, and every place in between. The nets have been cast out. How many fish are welcome? All of them. Yes, all of them! God perseveres in his love for us. And we know how far that love goes.